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Random Ideas:

1 - Vending machines that accept debit cards. I think it'd be a good idea.

2 - Gas stations with nothing but pre-pay pumps. cash/credit/debit of course. And a set of vending machines (beverages, snacks, coffee/tea/hot-chocolate/soup, and one of those ones with a rotating shelf and lunch stuff in it) where the building part would normally be. The vending stuff could be cash/debit also I suppose.

3 - More kinds of money as coins. Maybe with little holes so I can put them on spindles (in my pocket, on a belt, on a shelf, whatever. Or maybe string them on something like a necklace. Maybe use a long thin rod with something on one end instead of a coin jar.)

Anyone think these are good ideas, or am I completely nuts here? I bet #2 could save some real money for a gas station - way less operating expenses (less lights needed, no AC/heating, way fewer employees, less chance of shoplifting or people stealing gas, etc.).

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