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Been playing Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense some more. Looking on the web, a lot of the guides suggest the Grubb Dual-Loader last when choosing from the Drifters' vehicles. I find it works best of them for me. I mean, yeah, it's kinda slow, both in turning and speed/accel, and it seems to make all sorts of awful grinding noises (usually accompanied by a mild pulse from the Jump Pack), but it's built like a tank, and has the coolest special-weapon of the ones I've seen - it picks up the opponent with its front forks and drops them into the crusher in back, and then crushes them up.

Seems the same way in Twisted Metal:Black (Which my brother has) - I usually use the tow truck until the dump truck full of coal is unlocked, then I use that. Can't wait to unlock Minion's truch and try that one... :P

As a side note, I turned the music volume all the way down in the game, turned the SFX volume up, and am currently playing an ICP CD as an alternate soundtrack. :D

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