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Mostly just picked the userpic I did because I haven't used it in a while, and I felt like it. Doesn't really have anything to do with anything in the post...

Bunch of random stuff.
Bike Stuff Bought a Rally Manufacturing Multi-Use Utility Light (No. 3150), and mounted it to the front of my bike. Did so by removing the removing the mounting bolt that came with it, undoing the bolt that holds my fender on, sticking the light there, and reattaching the fender-holding bolt. Hooked up a battery I had, lights up real good. Too good, almost. Had people complaining about it being in their eyes. Need to get one of those things like traffic lights have to put on it. And I need to make a real mount for the battery, instead of using one of those black rubber tie-downs with the metal S-hooks on each end. Oh, and I replaced the lame Huffy logo on the front with this cool fox-looking one. Still need to attach the huge dual rear basket.
mIRC Stuff
on *:JOIN:#:/flash mIRC is a good command to add to your remotes file.
Music Stuff
Found a neat CD on the ground today. Burned CD, scratched up enough that it only plays legibly on my portable. Lots of obsceneties, but I don't really mind.
Misc. Compter Stuff
Need to find out how to make Knoppix stop freaking out my spare monitor (a Samsung SyncMaster 3Ne). Need to fix up the spare computers people've given me, get them cranking out WUs. Probably need to do some other things, too.
I just know I'm missing about a bazillion other things, but I don't remember right now, so... oh well. :P

Let's take a walk down the hallway, it's a long way, it takes all day...

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