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10 things that Ive done that you probably haven't. Stolen from everyone.

In no particular order:

001 : Disassembled a 6V lantern battery. (There's 4 smaller batteries inside!)
002 : Made an adapter to connect an Automatic Electric AE-80 telefone to the dorm's fone system.
010 : Read the Principia Discordia (albeit as a pdf).
011 : Purchaced the paperback of Evasion.
012 : Obtained a Teltone TLS-3 Test Line Simulator. (The old version, not on their site anymore.)
020 : Been to a huge industrial automation trade show in Chicago.
021 : Had the person in the next dorm room over complain about hearing (my printer) through the cinder-block wall. (He didn't realize it was a printer.)
022 : Own a ~1953 Big Beam No.164 flashlight.
100 : Taken a PLC ladder program and drawn up the corresponding 'relay logic' electrical ladder schematic. (Which would use a huge amount of relays, btw.)
101 : Numbered the list for this thing in ternary.

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