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Interesting article I found while searching the web about something -

In case anyone needs to connect an old 50's Automatic Electric AE-80 to a 2-wire modular-socket phone line, or wants to hook two of them to a 4-wire 2-line setup, here's how:

Stuff needed:
- 4-pair terminal block (6-pair would actually be better, but 4-pair are more available. 8-pair if you have a 2-line-on-4-wires setup and want one on each line)
- modular phone>spade connectors cable from Radio Shack (Instructions how to fake one later)
- An Automatic Electric AE-80 phone of course, DUH!

1) Attaching the phone to the terminal block -
- Attach spade/fork connectors (and ring connector) to terminal block, 1 to each pair. Mine are |red|black|green|yellow|, but any order will do, really.
2) Attaching modular>spade cord to terminal block -
- Attach red to the other side of the pair that has the phone's red wire on it.
- Attach green to the other side of the pair that has the phone's red wire on it.
- Run a jumper wire from the green terminal pair to the terminal pair holding the phone's yellow wire. Probably easiest to use the adapter-cord side.
- for a 4-pair terminal block, tape the black and yellow wires to the back, /away from each other/, in case ever used on a 4-wire system.
- for a 6-pair terminal block, attach the black and orange wires one to each of the unused terminal pairs.
- for 8-pair 4-wire 2-line, hook up the second phone to the second set of 4 pairs. Then attach yellow to the second phone set as if it were red, attach black to the second set as if it were green, and jumper as before.
3) Probably a good idea to put it in a (non-metal!) box, to avoid shorting things. Not necesary, I haven't done it yet, actually.

Diagrams: (O is a screwdown (ones next to each other between dividers are tied together on the block), J is jumper, - is plastic dividers on the terminal block, X is an unused connection, and the other four are colors.)

[4-wire 2-line (includes 4-wire for fone/line 1, rest is for fone/line 2)]

Now, you say you can't find the cord you need? Get a 4-wire modular cord. Cut one end off. Strip some of the outer covering off, leaving the covering on the individual wires. Next, get 4 fork connectors, strip just enough insulation off the smaller wires to go through the connector on the fork connectors. Then crimp them on, with a /tiny/ bit of insulation going into the crimp to provide stress relief.

Bought Collision Course (by Jay-Z and Linkin Park) today, right now I'm listening to Side 2. I think I might listen to Side 3 of Reanimation (by Linkin Park) later today, since I got that, too. Or I might put one of my BeeGees or AC/DC records in instead. Maybe several (or even all) of the above.

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