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Hmm. All sorts of mess in my room right now, part of it's just from a current project of mine though.

Picked up a "PSone LCD Screen" really cheap the other day. Managed to convince it to play audio from my Dreamcast, dut no video as of yet. (I used a PSone composite cable, a Dreamcast composite cable, and an in-line triple phono plug coupleer (RS part #274-898) The screen works, I tried it on someone's PSone, so it's not broken... upon further web searching I eventually find I need to apply +5V to pin 10 and the accompanying gnd to either pin 1 or pin 3 (they're tied internally) Great. I'll probably just get a spare PSone video cord, crack the connector open, and make my changes there...

In other news... not much other news. Lemme get back to you on that one...

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