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Interesting notion:
Video game. No plot, all violence. Bunch of default weapons, plus ability to add custom weapons. Has an opponent builder (pick a head/hair/torso/etc) with a few default sets, ability to import fancier custom opponents (higher res, weird shapes, just different parts, whatever), and a "import face' option for the simple opponent builder. MMO could either show opponents as they are or 'override' with one or more user-selected characters (see 1P mode). 1P would basically be just stand there and violence the opponent, mmo would be a large white plane with a grid of black lines on it and a black sky/horizon, possibly spherical in nature instead of planar? Probably a color override with a tile image option for the floor/walls/ceiling, too...

Yes, I am messed up. But think how popular that could become. Just think about it. :)

(And yes, I did use violence as a verb at one point, deal with it.)

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