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Hmm... NeoGeo Pocket Color, GamePark32, or WonderSwan Crystal?

NeoGeo Pocket Color:
+ color
+ has a Sonic game
+ can link to my dreamcast
+ apparently has great fighting games
+ relatively cheap (especially used)

+ color
+ some interesting games
+ mp3/DivX support
+ can download games
- Almost $200

Wonderswan Crystal:
+ color
+ has a few digimon games
+ has a couple Final Fantasy games
/ About $60

I'm leaning towards the NGPC myself. Found some cheap on ebay, not sure if I would want to get a silver one for $10 cheaper which doesn't have the game(s) I want but is silver, or get a blue one for $10 more that is blue but has the Sonic game, which apparently doesn't show up by itself that often...

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