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Hmm, maybe I should be less random when it comes to non-computer things.

I was digging through my records, found one I not only hadn't played yet, but had completely forgotten I even own. - "DANCERSIZE(TM) - Look Good, Have Fun, Feel Fit" (C)1980

Of course, I took it out, threw it on the player, pulled out the little booklet that came with it, and went along as best I could. I think they made a typo on that "feel fit" part though, what they probably meant was "feel like s--t". Luckily I don't have the floor space for the "floorwork" stuff on Side 2.

Oh, btw, I suspect that dancersize wasn't meant to be done while wearibng corduroy pants, either. (Mine are red corduroy in case you're wondering, a hair long and a bit tight around the waist. Need to make one of those button-and-buttonhole waist extenders sometime.)

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