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Great. Just great. Apparently my car is in need of a new alternator. In the mean time my car runs, how shall I say, "less than well."

Maybe I can convince my dad to upgrade my transmission while we're at it. I'm thinking a 41TE 4-speed w/OD from a 1990 3.3L Grand Caravan, apparently it can be used, although I'd need to change my transmission brackets first. Wondering what a transmission designed to move a Grand Caravan (plus its ~3500lbs towing capacity) would do in my Shadow ES? Let's just say that descriptors such as "flying", "blastoff", and "holy s**t!" would be appropriate. >:)

Quote of the Moment: "Oh good, my dog found the chainsaw." (Anyone know where I swiped that quote from?) :P
(P.S., no using Google, that's cheating.)

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