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Hmm. Got almost nothing done today, instead of the numerous things I had planned to get done. How disappointing. Oh well. I did check to see how much air my tires need (the door sticker is illegible and I have no manual, so i asked my dad, who knows this stuff), and they take 32-34 psi. So tomorrow or tuesday I need to head over to the gas station and air them up properly. (they were low, so I filled them to 30 warm psi, need to get cold psi.

I had also planned to wash my car, didn't get that done. I'm thinking one of the places with the pressure hoses, since brushes are bad for what's left of my paint, and I hear those no-touch ones can do some nasty stuff to your car if the chemicals aren't mixed right. Plus the pressure-wand places tend to be cheaper.

I wonder how hard it'd be to retrofit my car with a power antenna? I hear there's a kind of antenna that doesn't even stick out, but I don't know if those are even any good, Iwouldn't think so.

Joined a new message board today, CandlePower Forums, it's a message board about flashlights. I wonder if there's message boards about toasters? That'd be cool.

Anyone reading this play an instrument? I'm actually a percussionist, albeit a very out-of-practice one. And no, I can't read note music. That's one of the reasons I suck at bells so badly.

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