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Well, I haven't posted much lately, but not much to post about, either. I'm broke, I never get any snail mail (and hardly any e-mail, either), and Vincennes is probably one of the boringest places in the US.

The other day I painted a tiny pumpkin. It was free, and so was the paint, and I was bored. I think I'll take some piccies with my webcam tomorrow. 64 piccies to be exact. Anyone want to guess what I'd do with so many piccies of the same thing??

Finally caved in. I think next time I see someone offering gmail invites I'll grab one. Maybe two. I wonder why I hardly see those anymore? Did they stop making them?

Once I get some money, I need to measure the distance between the walls in the showers, have a metal bar cut slightly shorter, put rubber chair feet on it, and jam it between two walls in the shower to hold the push-thing for the showers down, so I can shower without having to hit the @#$% button several times a minute.

My houce is now an hour earlier than my dorm room. And both are in Indiana. < sarcasm > Just what I always needed. < /sarcasm >

If I had any money I think I'd check out the halloween clearance at Wal-Mart and Kmart. But I don't have any money, so it'd be kinda pointless, now wouldn't it?

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