DiscoPanda (discopanda) wrote,

Need to cut down on my Sam's Choice Mountain Lightning (generic Mountain Dew) intake. It's acidic and sugary, bad for my teeth, my health, and my weight. (My weight being something I really need to start working on, since I'm lazy, I do little if any exercise, and I eat not only too much but the wrong sorts of things. Yes, I've totally neglected anything resembling exercise, fitness, diet, or nutrition for my entire life.)

Tempting to make Kool-Aid, using regular Kool-Aid packets, except using Water Joe (or equivalent) instead of plain water, and getting this Canadian stuff I've heard of called Sugar Twin instead of real sugar. Anyone have any more information on this Sugar Twin stuff or know a (preferably easy) way to get it? Aparently I'd need to get it from Canada, as it's not sold in the US, or if it is it's not the same stuff as the Canadian version. And yes, I know they make 'sugar-free" Kool-Aid, but I refuse to touch US sugar-free beverages or sweeteners. Any ideas?

In other news, I've been thinking of looking for this game called Jarts. Yes, I know they're banned in the US, but I quite frankly don't give a s**t, it looks like fun and I want to try it.

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