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Well, I was at Hot Topic today. Apparently now they have (plush? beanie? hybrid?) versions of the 2 panda Care Bears. And yet I haven't been able to find the rabbit in that version. Odd. You'd think it'd be easier to get a /commonly recurring/ character than a pair that were only in /one episode/! Not that I'm complaining mind you, pandas are cool. And I actually have the ep they were in on a relatively rare tape I bought off eBay. :P

In other news, today i actually remembered to eat. Apparently it's been a few days. HopefullyI'll remember to eat more often now, especially since I've been trying to cut down on al the pop I drink...

Not sure what else to type about. Any ideas what I should type about? Maybe something halloween related? I'm considering making a panda costume for halloween. And buying lots of cheap candy the day after, when it's all on massive discount.

This song is oddly addictive. Someone said it's good to go crazy to, but in my case I suspect it's too late to /make/ me crazy.

One last random observation - Am I the only one who tends to use slashes to denote italics? I know how to use the i and /i tags, and uaually use them when quoting to reply, but in general typing I tend to use slashes. Odd. Maybe it's something I picked up from my ][e and DOS plaintext days and simply never quit doing...

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