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I was looking into some CB stuff recently, and saw some mentions of some other related sorts of radios - although apparently the others have some sort of licensing associated with them. Out of curiosity, is the license only needed to transmit, or do you need it to recieve too? Do they even /make/ recieve-only units? Are there schematics to make your own reciever? (Note, I'm not afraid to build with tubes if needed, they're cooler(figuratively, /not/ literally) anyways.)

Apparently there /are/ tube CBs, but they cost a lot, and are kinda big for in a car. So yeah. Solid-state it is for CB.

On other less-boring-everyone issues, I've noticed that lately sometimes I'm walking between places on full-auto, it's kinda like if you had a robot preprogramed to go between Point A and Point B with a non-moving camera aimed down-and-ahead for anti-collision purposes, and you're just sitting there watching the video feed from the camera, it's a somewhat fascinating (yet really rather disturbing at the same time) perspective. I need to stop doing that, it's actually getting really disturbing.

On a completely random and unrelated note, I need to find some tapes for that super-something-or-other camcorder I have [which I got at goodwill the other day for $2].

Well, enough rambling for now, maybe I'll have some less boring news later. Who knows. Doesanyone really care though? I bet almost nobody's bothered reading this far in my post, have they?

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