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Hmm, not much to say really. The DC->VGA cable I ordered arrived today, Tekken 3 looks great at VGA resolution... Still need to replace the VMU I use for Tekken 3, it seems to be failing...

Oh, and I changed the n comment(s)|Leave a comment thing on my recent entries and friends pages. Now it says something else. :P

Damn. OBD scan tools are massively expensive, and all the freeware OBD software I can find seems to be OBD-II only, and my car has OBD-I... ;_;

Random note: I'm thinking of going to the junkyard sometime soon and getting a Vehicle Information Center to mount in the unused spot on my dash, apparently it was an option for my car, but mine does't have one.

There's a good chance I'll be on the muck later, but I might play my Dreamcast instead. ^_^;

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