DiscoPanda (discopanda) wrote,

Useless random fact: Pandas don't just eat bamboo. they sometimes eat vegetables and occasionally even meat. (Supposedly they have hervivore-type teeth, but an omnivore-type digestive system. Very odd.)

I think I may get a NeoGeo Pocket Color.

Prompted by someone's meme the other day:
I dunno much about magic, but I know about computers... I've been thinking of trying to program in assembly/machinelanguage someday, though... I wonder what the magic equivalent to that would be??

Mallo Cups are good.

I hear McDonalds has Neopets toys in them now. I'd definitely buy a Happy Meal if I could get a blue Wocky toy in it. I might even settle for a green Wocky. (I'm DiscoPandamon on Neopets, if anyone's wondering.)

I should probably stop rambling on now... :P

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