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Your Jedi Stats by Talon Sky
Lightsaber color(s)Green
Lightsaber typeDual (Two sabers)
Force Tuneness: 51%
Force Sense: 85%
Force Power Level: 12%
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Lightsabers, huh? Whatever. my Star Wars D20 character has a Vibro-Axe (2D10 damage) and Combat Gloves (+2 to damage). Oh, and a strength modifier of 5. So that's like a minimum of 9 damage, and I have the Power Attack, Cleave, and Great Cleave feats, too. Dunno what the lightsaber's stats are, I think you need all sorts of skills to use one anyways... Heh, the character actually has a negative int modifier, lol...

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