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Lesson of the Day: To make something go away, throw lots of colors at it.

Went to Wal*Mart last night to buy some 2-liter bottles of store-brand Mountain Dew, ended up also buying a DVD and a couple Dreamcast games (Crazy Taxi 2 and Frogger 2, if you're wondering)... Didn't bother watching the DVD until today...

Let's just say, that compared to the other versions of Care Bears I've seen, this one's the worst. First of all, it sounds like a really bad dubbing, the plots were worse than usual, and in the 'bonus' feature, sections kept repeating themselves randomly... I think I'd much rather watch either the movies (I have both on DVD), or maybe one of those tapes I got at Goodwill that I think were originally bundled with toys... I suspect I should've just gotten the Care Bears DVD that had a big star on the cover that said 'Original Episodes' instead of this one...

I also got a Felix the Cat tape for $1.00 at Wal*Mart, but I haven't watched it yet... I think I will later though, if I can get the damn VCR to work properly (Sound works, but video doesn't, but the 'Play' and 'Stop' things show up fine, I think the heads are shot or something... (yes, I did try using a head cleaner tape, didn't help any). Maybe I should just buy a used top-loader, those tend to last forever... Reminds me, I need to buy a new set of belts for my VTR, so that it'll actually work properly...

I should probably stop rambling on now, and go eat before the cafeteria closes... :P

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