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I'm hungry. I want to eat breakfast, but the stupid cafeteria doesn't open until over 1/2 an hour from now, b/c it's a weekend. Sure, I could understand opening at 8:00 or 9:00 instead of the usual 6:00, but 11:00 is just @#$%ing nuts!!! @#$%...

Lol, my radio/LP/8track-player sounded all pixellated for a few seconds when I turned it on this morning. Then again, whenever it's been sitting off in a cold-ish room for a while it does that for some reason. It does sound kinda neat, actually...

Damn. Now I need to find something to occupy my attention for a while. I suppose if all else fails, I can play Gens for a while, but I think I might go on IRC instead.

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