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All sorts of random stuff this time.

- Each time I've checked the Panda Cam today, there were no pandas in the picture. WTF? If something's called Panda Cam, they should at least show a panda, and not an empty area. Hopefully they will get around to showing the ever-popular ursus melanoleuca in the camera view.

- I still think I should be able to buy upgrade parts for my body.

- Got a cell phone at Goodwill yesterday for $0.50, but I don't even know if it works or not. according to what little documentation I can find online, the jack on the bottom of the Tandy CT-350 is for 12V in!!!

- Well, my arm/elbow is bothering me less now, but that's because I've flipped my mouse buttons and I've been using it left-handed all day.

- Got disk 2 the other day (Layers 5-7), very entertaining.

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