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Might not be hearing much from me for a while, they disconnected the network connection to my room, apparently dad only paid for net access for the first semester. >.<

Right now I'm on one of the computers in the dorm's computer lab. It's really slow, b/c they put all sorts of useless applications on it, and only put in 64 meg of ram. Idiots. Just my luck, the one I'm at also has a messed up monitor, and the entire picture's tilted on the screen! I need to call my dad, and tell him to pay for this semester's web access already... He was supposed to call me yesterday, but he never did.

Damn, I'm still annoyed by having to use IE, that's all this computer has, I myself prefer Firebird...

Hopefully I'll have web access in my room again soon... :/

BTW, what exactly is in your neck just to the left-hand side of that bump in your throat? What would cause it to act 'jammed'? (like, say, a very slight pressure for extended periods, perhaps from something on it...) Yes, it's a weird question, but I'm a weird person...

Well, I'm going over to Harrison Hall b/c they actually have a payphone, I think I'm just going to call home and complain... (the dormroom phones don't have long distance)

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