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I've decided to put a password on my screensaver. I didn't think I'd need to do this, but last night I discovered that apparently my roommate's been using my computer without even letting me know about it. Apparently this has been going on a while, going by the History thing in IE... (It should be nearly empty, since I almost never use IE, and Firebird keeps a separate History thing than IE, but it has all sorts of stuff in it) I'm still not sure why he used IE, seeing as how he had to go all the way into start>programs>Internet Explorer to use it, because I disabled the desktop's IE shortcut...

On a good note, the lecture portion of Mechanical Drives class is most likely going to be cancelled for the rest of the semester. :)

Random funfact: there's an icon of a fox in moricons.dll . there's also lots of useful icons in pifmgr.dll , fileman.exe , and shell32.dll .

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