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Stolen from darkpaw

last kiss: don't remember
last good cry: not sure
last library book checked out: I think it was a computer book...
last movie seen: Christine
last cuss word uttered: crap
last beverage drank: Sam's Choice Mountain Lightning
last food consumed: Do coffee beans count?
last crush: not gonna say, she might actually be reading this...
last phone call: I don't get calls...
last TV show watched: Sonic X (in realmedia format..)
last time showered: yesterday night
last shoes worn: dark gray sandals and black socks
last cd played: Loud, Fast, RAMONES: Their Toughest Hits
last item bought: a few 2-liters of Sam's Choice Mountain Lightning
last thing downloaded: Teddy Boy Blues MAME rom
last annoyance: my SMS/GameGear emulator crashing
last disappointment: I'm out of pop...
last soda drank: Sam's Choice Mountain Lightning
last thing written: this post.
last key used: the one to my dorm room
last word spoken: I can't remember
last sleep: last night
last sexual fantasy: don't ask
last weird encounter: my roommate is weird, does that count?
last ice cream eaten: cappacino(sp?)
last time wanting to die: not that I remember
last time in love: not sure
last time hugged: I really don't remember ;_;
last time scolded: months ago, forget why though
last time resentful: I missed lunch earlier
last chair sat in: I'm using my bed as a chair, does that count?
last lipstick used: I don't wear lipstick.
last bra worn: I don't wear those either.
last shirt worn: I'm wearing a shirt with a panda on it at the moment. it says "The National Zoo: Washington, D.C." on it.
last time dancing: I tried to dance earlier in my room, I fell down.
last poster looked at: the "Dark Magician Girl" poster on my wall out of a Beckett magazine...
last show attended: uhh... not sure...

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