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You're most likely to support TailsxAmy! (Tailamy)
Chances of this couple happening according to
evidence: Moderate.

Your couple doesn't seem to do much except look
cute together, and have a lot of things in
common. The guy has saved the girl's skin alot
of times, but hey, who doesn't need to save
this poor helpless girl, eh? O.o;; Ah well who
cares, you have the power of KAWAINESS!
Which Sonic pairing do you support or is most like your love life?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hmm, correct as usual. Although I really should stop filling my LJ with all these quizzes... ah well. They're fun, and I couldn't resist posting the results...

On a completely random side note, I really need to learn how to sew one of these days... And why are sewing machines so expensive? of all the ones at the store, only 1 was under $150, and not by much... maybe GoodWill has one... I should check.

One last random observation: hmm, I seem to be using this LJ piccie a lot, even though "Caffeine inside" is the default... hmm... weird.

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