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Tablet, Firefox Mobile, APKs, &c.

Got a tablet the other day. Still poking around at it, but I did manage to install Firefox, plus a couple other APKs I found on https://f-droid.org/ onto it at least.

I just wish that I could find more addons that worked with this version of Firefox, all the ones I keep seeing only seem to go up to Firefox Mobile 4.x or something, and mine says it's 15.0 apparently...? Kind of making me want to downgrade.

It also says Flash is installed and working, but clicking on any flash thing just turns it into a gray box, and telling Firefox to upgrade Flash just opens up some "SlideME" program that obviously has no idea what do do with whatever Firefox told it. (Looking in about:plugins it says I have "libflashplayer.so Shockwave Flash 11.1 r115" if that means anything to anybody reading this...)

Would also be nice to be able to remove "share" from the menu (I don't plan to use it, plus then I wouldn't need to scroll the menu to use Quit), and maybe to remove the "Set up Firefox Sync" button from the Home page...

Anybody know any fun apps I should try? Found some interesting stuff on https://f-droid.org/ that I've been messing with at least. Maybe I'll try out that "SlideME" thing my tablet has, it looks to have a bunch of free apps in it...

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