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T-34 Tank Blueprints/Schematics?

Maybe I'm using Google wrong, but whenever I look for schematics or blueprints for a T-34 tank, all I can seem to find is line drawings, diagrams of the inside layout, assembly guides for T-34 model kits, and other things that aren't what I'm looking for. Nothing seems to have anything even resembling dimensions, and I'm sure it wouldn't work very well to look up the length of one and try to scale up a line drawing or model kit to get dimensions. (Plus that wouldn't tell me things like plate thicknesses, &c.) Things like tracks are probably easiest done by ordering a track plate off eBay and sand casting copies though. (Of course, doing that just makes it even more important to get the sizes on the rest of the parts as close to accurate as possible...)

Any ideas?

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