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More Adventures in Video Cards

First off, for anyone not so interested in computery stuff, here's a pretty good YouTube video I found through Reddit earlier at least: Portal 2 - This Is Aperture

Computery stuff to follow:

Continuing from http://discopanda.livejournal.com/214467.html

Bought an 80mm fan (this one, if you're curious), and screwed it to the card heatsink by running screws between the heatsink fins. (Of course, the screws that came with it were WAY to wide, and standard case screws were too short, so we went to the hardware store and got some screws that were basically double-length case screws. (Self-threading even!) Then used the 4-pin molex adapter to connect the fan to the connecter that the old video card used (the new one is bus-powered!)

Idle (before fan): ~38C
Idle (after fan): ~32C
Minecraft (before fan): ~53C-55C
Minecraft (after fan): ~43C
hashing program (before fan): >70C (That's the point I stopped it, since I don't know how hot these cards will handle safely...)
hashing program (after fan): ~52C-53C (definite improvement there.)

The other oddity I've seen is that a hardware comparison says a GT 430 should get 20.24 MHash/s, but mine only seems to do ~8.3-8.7 MHash/sec? Maybe I should try some different hashing programs or something...

Still need to find one of my parts computers that has another 3200+ in it to swap out with this one, if I'm lucky I'll be able to pull a 1GB stick of PC3200/DDR400 DDR1 from it too, increase this one from 2GB (2x1GB) to 3GB (3x1GB) (the max this board will take)...

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