DiscoPanda (discopanda) wrote,

Mostly hypothetical computer rambling

Usually I like Asus motherboards (and I seem to have just a slight leaning towards XFX video cards), but some of the MSI stuff I've been reading about sounds like fun.

I wonder what sort of PSU I'd need for an MSI Big Bang Marshal board with 4x N580GTX Lightning cards in it? (There's 8 PCIe slots, but even ignoring clearance issues with the stock cooling which could probably be dealt with, I think I read somewhere that the drivers only support 4 cards for some reason?)

Even with 4 cards instead of 8, I'm sure I can't afford this setup, but it's always fun to think about this sort of stuff anyways. (And if there was a way to convince it to run 8 cards... Major GPGPU monster there. Though I'd definitely need phase-change cooling then.) :-P

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