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Bike gearing stuff.

Thinking of changing the gearing on my bike.

Right now it's set up like this:
- Front sprocket has 43 teeth. (I think? The chain guard kept getting in my way.)
- Rear sprocket has 19 teeth.
- Crank measures about 16cm from the middle of the sprocket to the midde of the pedal.
- 26" tires.

Unfortunately, it's a bit heavy, and there's some pretty big hills around here. Contributing factors include:
- Steel frame. (And rims. And just about everything else.)
- Huge rear basket.
- Solid foam-like "No-Mor Flats" innertubes.
- It's a Wal-Mart Huffy, need I say more?

Not completely sure what I want to change the gearing /to/, though, other than "lower". Clearly changing the rear sprocket would be easier than changing one the pedal mounts through. (And I need to repack the brake with new grease anyways.) So that means I need a rear sprocket with more than 19 teeth. I did see some on eBay with 20, 21, or 22 teeth that were meant for a single-speed, but they were EXPENSIVE. I'm sort of tempted to just pull one from a junk multi-speed bike and hope it doesn't drop the chain. Which would also probably let me pick from more sizes, too.

Anyone have any thoughts on what would be a good size sprocket to try to start with?

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