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Hmm. Been a while since I posted... Not really much to post about, but whatever.

- Seems that with my "Power Joy" and "Super Games" TV games, the Power Joy cart (appears to be a famicom cart) doesn't work in the Super Games, and the 72-in-1 cart from the Super Games (appears to be a stubby half-height famicom cart) doesn't work in the Power Joy. I'm guessing the one that's way out of spec is the Super Games, since I've heard of people using real Famicom (and NES with an adapter) carts in a Power Joy.

- I /think/ I've found plans for an adapter to use the RGB output from a Sega Genesis (15kHz Hsync, probably SCART) on a VGA monitor, except for one catch - WinRAR can handle LHA archives, but WTF do I open .IFF files with?!?

- Considering converting my headphones to have a detachable cable. Not sure if I want to go with a 1/4" connector (sturdier) or a 1/8" connector (more common), though. I suppose if I went with 1/4" I could plug the cords existing 1/4" plug in there and solder a 1/8" connector onto the wires on the other end. Then I'd be able to re-use the cable without needing to use 1/4"->1/8" adapters anymore AND get the sturdier connection. :-) Tempted to get a retractable cable if I go removable-cord, though. (Probably rewiring a retractable 10' network cable though, most rethactable headphone cords seem to be only 2'-4' long.) (EDIT: Oh yeah, they're Realistic Nova 40 headphones. You can actually find pictures somebody posted of the insides here.)

- Comments/suggestions/ideas on any of the above?

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