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Misc lists. (Feel free to ignore this...)

Just some lists for my own reference, feel free to ignore them.

- Replace beat-up stock lead battery connectors with brass marine-type battery connectors.
- Replace missing battery! (and add anti-corrosion rings)
- Install 215-50-17 tires/rims. (Have them, they just need installed...)
- Connect CB antenna to CB (and to AM/FM radio using adapter).
- Tune CB antenna. (previous item must be completed first)

- Get '97-00 upper intake manifold.
- Use dremel to grind intake manifold to match 58mm TB. (previous item must be completed first)
- Install newer upper intake manifold and 58mm TB. (previous item must be completed first)

- Make mounting plate for on-plug coils.
- Make adapter harness for on-plug coils.
- Install on-plug coils. (previous 2 items must be completed first)

- Get proper breather for crankcase, not just screen door material, for where it formerly connected to the air filter box before a cone filter was installed.
- Look into LED dome light bulbs?
- Possibly add relay and dash switch to force radiator fan to always-on at some point?

- Investigate 3" stainless pipe and mandrel bends.
- Investigate 3" Dynomax Ultra Flo welded mufflers.
- Investigate AllFlow Non-Catalytic Non-Converter.

- Possibly investigate learning fiberglass?

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