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Weird games.

I wonder why the game cartridges I always seem to have the most fun with are the weird bootleg multicarts with assorted hacked games, unlicensed games, and what's often referred to as "hong kong originals", which usually seem to be a sort of odd mix involving original (often shoddy) game programming, occasionally with bootlegged popular characters tacked in.

Like the "Pandamar" SMB hack on one of my multicarts (significant sprite changes, music changed, title screen changed, color palettes modified, &c.)

Or the unlicensed GBADEV.ORG 2004Mbit Competition cart I bought off eBay - All fully-original stuff, "Nintendo Seal of Approval" nowhere to be found. Even states in the intro screen that it has nothing at all to do with the Nintendo company.

Was looking at a copy of "Pokemon Jade" on eBay the other day, but it went up to at least $26 I think, more than I felt like paying for one single-game cartridge.

For that matter, these multicarts and such seem to be hard to find and getting harder. Game stores that take trade-ins won't touch them, so I can't buy them there. They're amazingly sparse on eBay now, too. And the kiosks selling "Power Joy" stuff at the mall disappeared a while back. Rather annoying.

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