March 16th, 2010

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Finding book series with books missing is annoying...

Sort of annoying when you find /most/ of an interesting series of books someplace.

Like a series of 6 books that I recently found 1/3/4/6 of in the book sale room at the public library. The library didn't have any of the series in its catalog (these didn't appear to be ex-library-books anyways), and Barnes & Noble's online system didn't recognise any of them either.

And of course this appears to be one of those series where you really need to read them in order, it looks like they might as well be one big book split up into 6 smaller books as far as I can tell.

Ended up grabbing books 2 and 5 off eBay earlier though, same publisher and printing as the rest I already have even. Better condition than the ones I have too, the ones I already have are a bit beat up and the spines of the covers are flaking apart a bit.

(The series of books is called the "Spellsinger" series, if anyone's curious.)
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New YouTube layout? Blwh.

Somehow YouTube changed the layout to a sucky new one that was missing the little blue box next to the video, and I'm not sure if the big video list on the side was meant to be the "more from" or "related videos" list?

Plus it totally broke both the "YousableTubeFix" /and/ "Loopy for Youtube" scripts!

Turns out to fix it back to the regular layout you need to go to a specially designed video url, then kill your YouTube cookies, and even then I'm not sure how long that fix will last for...

What the heck is wrong with these idiots?? Hopefully someone will make a script to revert it if they're ever dumb enough to do a full forced switchover...
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On a positive note...

On a positive note, LiveJournal seems to have actually done an update to the old XColibur site theme! And it even seems to be back in the "standard" list of site schemes!

Which is surprising considering that when they forced the Horizon/Vertigo schemes as default they actually hid it so that you had to use special URLs just to get it as an option even.

(You still need to use if you want to set LJ to use the ancient Dystopia scheme though, it's not to my tastes but I'm sure that there's somebody out there who still prefers it...)
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