September 10th, 2008

Arc 'n Spark

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Hmm, looks like I could clone this for cheap by taking this schematic, replacing R2-R5 with variable resistors, and adjusting as needed. Only catch I see is that the lower LEDs would remain lit when the next ones light up. Could probably rig up extra op-amps and resistors into a 7408 AND chip along with the first set to fix that, I'd imagine. That way the LEDs would show >R+<Y1, >Y2+<G1, >G2+<B, >B.

Then I'd need 2x 339 chips ($1.49 ea), 1x 7408 chip ($?.?? ea), 4x LEDs ($?.?? ea), 4x 1K resistors (5 for $0.99), 1x 5V regulator ($1.95), and 9x assorted variable resistors ($1.49 ea) to make one. (Radio Shack prices given.) Not including the $?.?? components, that only adds up to $19.33 ($20.69 after tax). Something tells me that even after the $?.?? parts they don't add up to $68.
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