August 9th, 2008

ME-tan & DOS Kitty

Cool Old CD-ROM Disc

Finally found this awesome old CD-ROM disc that I got at a rummage sale years ago.

Lots of neat stuff on it.

- A kinda catchy music file called FORTUNE.MOD. Something to do with a program "TNSDEMO.EXE" (which throws a pile of "The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction." errors and quits) in a folder called "NAPALM".
- A program called 3DHOUSE3, kinda like SL but you can't make anything, there's no texture images on anything (solid colors only), and on this computer it goes too fast to be able to control it at all.
- A whole bunch of neat ".FLI" videos to watch with an included player called AAPLAY.EXE. A roller coaster, a semi that sprouts legs and walks around, one where someone's just messing with an old "chrome" effect, one with an apple that bounces on a cutting board, a train, etc.
- A program called HEART.EXE that does nothing but show an animation of a Dynamic MRI with a short explanation on the screen next to it.
- A bunch of programs that either do nothing, or crash.
- A whole bunch of other cool weird stuff.
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