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Seems like I can't keep my hands out of almost anything I buy...

Got a laptop for Christmas (Actually, I recieved it early on the 18th, but whatever), and already I've done these things:

- Replaced the 512MB stick of RAM in it with a 1GB stick of PC2700 (PNY brand, was on sale at Best Buy for $38), now it has 1280MB RAM total.
- Bought a 3-pack of styluses for $6, came with some useless NDS game card case in the pack too, keeping one of them behind the CD cover and stashing away the others as spares.
- Ordered an AKE BC168 PCMCIA dual USB2.0 card for it.
- Bought a RocketFish Micro Bluetooth adapter for it. Works fine in my USB extension (need to use an extension to plug in thumbdrives or they won't fit), but once the the AKE BC168 arrives I'll just stick the BT adapter straight into the stock USB1.1 port, I think the cover will even close on the port with the BT adapter in.

Tempted to do these things:

- Upgrade the 40GB 4200RPM HDD to at least a 5400RPM with higher capacity, but NO WESTERN DIGITAL DRIVES! I've NEVER had good luck with those, every single drive that I've ever had die on me was a WD! (Too bad SSD drives are still so much $$$... A 128GB SSD would really rock, although even a 64GB would probably fly right along, just wouldn't be as big.) MUST be PATA.
- Find one of the stock CF readers, hope they'll also do SDHC (I think there's an XP hotfix for that?) - Using the stock reader to keep the second PCMCIA slot free.
- Might ask around if there's any NTSC/ATSC PCMCIA cards that can be cut down to fit flush, so as to let the PCMCIA slots cover still close with it in. (Would still need to detach the antenna to close the door, but that's really no problem at all.)
- Stuff a USB GPS inside it somewhere?
- I wonder if a Blu-ray drive could be shoehorned into the stock drive pack currently holding a CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive? Maybe when Blu-ray drives come down in price a bit...

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