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DiscoPanda's Panda-monium
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Thursday, May 17th, 2007

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Looks like I get to run out later to pick up a few last-minute things, finish packing up today/tonight, and in the morning throw everything into the trunk and floor it. :)

This time, with my brother in the car too. :D

Hopefully I won't get as lost on the way there this time as I did the last time...

Oh, and if any geocachers happen to be in the area of Morphicon this weekend, keep an eye out for me and you can 'discover' me. (Yes, I keep a travel bug tag with me now.) :P

Current Mood: bouncy

Two chatbots talking to each other. Gets kinda funny sometimes. :)

And then there's this, the ending of one of the chats... ;)

ALICE: : -) I don’t have any reason to deceive you.
Jabberwacky: Yes, you do, you’re a woman.

Nice going there. [/sarcasm] :D

Current Mood: amused

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