February 23rd, 2007

Lego(TM) Blocks

"Synthesis kernel"??

Hmm... Anyone ever heard of something called the "Synthesis kernel"? It sounds interesting, even though apparently it's written for m68k and not x86...

Ran across it looking at various things on the web, altrhough I haven't seen anyplace with the actual *code* for it, even though it does apparently exist and has been used on several kinds of real hardware...

This PDF and this PDF, among other places, talk about it some, but there's loads of things that come up when you search Google for it...
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Panda Inside

Random Tip of the Day: Silica Gel

Random Tip of the Day: It's amazing how many things you can fix by sticking them in a big bag of silica gel. :)

Example: My brother's GBA-SP that fell in the tub last year. We pulled the battery, stuck the GBA-SP and battery in the bag and closed it up, waited a couple of days, good as new.
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