December 3rd, 2006

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Quote/Line/Comment/Whatever of the Moment.

Just feel like setting this up. Just random lines from things that I run across. Yeah, kinda weird, but then again that's not too unusual for my posts... :D Probably have new entries 'bump' older ones down the list...

007: I'd think anytime that you have an unscheduled explosion would be the most inopportune time.

006: I seriously doubt that Frito-Lay is idiotic enough to let a wasp nest through quality control.

005: I don't know anything about this school, so I could be wrong, but I'd bet
writing on the wall in marker is not the proper way to submit a maintenance
request for this dorm. 004: rossa "All and all, I think you should do all the work on this car inebriated.
Including the welding, and if you don't think that's funny now, you will
once you try!" hadlock "...This post brought to you by the letter Beer?" 003: "i was gonna say thats a fire hazard, but its full of water." 002: "Unsupervised children may be given a free double espresso." 001: "Ah glorious. Fire safety for the win."
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RF Hazard

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Anyone have any experience with this cell phone??

Good model? Bad model?

I've read that the battery life is really good on this model, and that it's relatively durable...

I wonder if there's a way to make it play nice with Verizon so I can just put it on my dad's account?? Not a big deal either way, but I have no experience with Cingular GoPhone service either, and I don't know if it's any good or if it sucks...

Been looking at some online reviews of the phone. Recurring comments involve the very good battery life, the good durability (apparently a 20-foot drop doesn't even faze it), and the good reception. Recurrent complaints are from idiots whining about the monophonic ringtones and complaining that they can't play their MP3s on it, can't take photos with it, and that it has 'only' a 100-entry phonebook.

All I care is that it makes calls when I want to, and that it doesn't break even with the severe abuse most of my stuff endures. If I wanted to take pictures, I'd get a camera. If I want to play music, I'll use a CD or cassette player.

So basically, it sounds just like what I'm interested in.

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