September 7th, 2006


LaserDisc Stuff...

Interesting. A Care Bears movie that I somehow /didn't know about/. And it's on LaserDisc even!

(Well, LaserDisc or R4 PAL DVD, ack... Couldn't watch that DVD even with my regionfree CyberHome CH-DVD 300... (Well, I could, but only in rather jumpy B&W from what I understand.))

Managed to find a site selling the LaserDisc version for $18.00 + $3.00 S&H, maybe when I'm less broke I'll call in and order it... They also had a Tiny Toons LD, but it'd cost me another $15.00 to get that also. So maybe another time on that one, even though I'd need to pay the $3.00 S&H a second time too doing that... :D
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