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DiscoPanda's Panda-monium
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Monday, August 21st, 2006

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More custom FLUXX cards...
w00t. Made a couple more custom FLUXX cards. Might make even more later, I dunno...

Keeper: TaB (Counts as Coffee)
New Rule: Wired (The player who has both The Brain and Coffee on the table draws 2X as many cards and plays 2X as many cards.)
New Rule: Draw 1d6 (Draw 1d6 cards per turn. (Reroll the 6-sided die on every turn.))
New Rule: Play 1d6 (Play 1d6 cards per turn. (Reroll the 6-sided die on every turn.))

ALL my custom FLUXX cards can be found [HERE]...

Current Mood: accomplished
I wonder if FLUXX BLANXX and an HP LaserJet 4 would play well with each other?

...or would it, say, mangle the BLANXX, or break the printer, or possibly both??

Current Mood: curious
@#$%. Apparently my Skype credit is expired. And the only option for buying more is in a big $10 chunk from the Skype store. But I /don't have/ $10 on my card. Making it thoroughly impossible to buy Skype credit. (Yes, I tried getting a Gift Certificate, it says I'm "Not Qualified" do do so, I can't even see what amounts they're offered in... :/

EDIT: Okay, turns out I only need Skype Credit for international calls now, they've changed things around on me...

Current Mood: aggravated

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