May 27th, 2006

Weasel Reader

Palm IIIx stuff! :)

First: Batteries.

The alkalines that were in my Palm IIIx when i got it were getting to be in pretty bad shape.

So I charged up a pair of NiMH AAA and put them in. I know, the manual says to only use alkaline because the battery meter doesn't understand NiMH/NiCad battery voltages.

They forgot to mention the command-.-7 trick. On my present PalmOS version, it only has [alkaline][NiCad][Rechargeable Alkaline], but I bought a PalmOS 4.1 upgrade CD off eBay, and that will give a [NiMH] setting too, once I install it. Until then, the NiCad setting is close enough that it's not a problem. :)

Been thinking of doing this mod to my Palm IIIx and Palm Ethernet Cradle...

Second: Literature.

The Memo app is useless for books.

Tha ApportisDoc Free reader sucks.

Now I use TL-PDB to convert files to compressed zTxt .pdb files.

I then read them with Weasel Reader.

The only complaint I have is that there's no way to set files Private. Someone else opened a "Feature Request" for that apparently, so I'm not the only one who wants that feature. (Is there a way to let them know that I too would definitely appreciate that feature? Would "Add a Comment" be an appropriate place for that?)

Third: Other Stuff

If anyone has or runs across an old axxPAC for cheap, let me know. Or a cheap bootleg/clone of one. That works too. Heck, plans to build a bootleg/clone would do. :)
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Well this is nice.

Apparently the installer on the PalmOS 4.1 upgrade CD I got only gets so far, and then sits there forever.

It seems to be waiting for something from my Palm IIIx though.

My guess is that the issue has something to do with my Palm Ethernet Cradle. Perhaps if I got ahold of the serial cradle, maybe then it would work?? Anyone know about this stuff?? Or have a spare Palm III style serial cradle they don't use??

Very annoying that it isn't working though...
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