May 9th, 2006

Panda is Driving!

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Random stuff:

- I still suck with driving directions.
- Even EconoLodge costs definite $$$.
- Rental cars aren't cheap either.
- Art/stuff costs $$.

+ I have cool art/stuff now.
+ That rental car got rather good mileage.
+ I have a bunch of pictures. (Just on the film still, but whatever.)
+ I have a cool text-scrolling thingamabob.

/ I still need to get all that film turned into pictures...
/ This feels like it's Monday. But this morning when I woke up it felt like a Saturday. So I'm getting caught up with the current day at least.

Not-quite-as-random stuff:

MFM sounds interesting. But it's ~550 miles (~9 hours) each way! That's nearly /twice/ the distance for Morphicon (each way ~250 miles, ~5.5 hours)

Meaning twice the fuel cost, plus more hotel cost (driving down the day before), plus the car cost still... ouch.

There's /got/ to be a cheaper/easier wqay to do these things...
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