February 21st, 2006

Disco Ball

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Well, worked on my place in FM a bit. Got some things adjusted, some descriptions updated, a few more look-traps put in, that sort of thing.

I even got that blasted Tip Jar working. Sorta.

Alright, to be honest the way I got it working is a total kludge involving Store.MUF, meaning that you can only donate either 15 or 20 pennies, and I think it deducts 10 pennies from that for generating a "recipt" item. (Can't sell nothingness aparently, and minimum item value is 10 pennies.) So donating 15 pennies gets me 5 pennies and donating 20 pennies gets me 10 pennies. And it won't let a 10-penny object cost 25 pennies for some reason.

But still, barely functional is better than nonfunctional I guess... :/
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