February 6th, 2006

Panda Inside

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I'm confused here.

Let's say that I have a handfull of pressed DVDs (which I bought from a bargain bin), ~2GB each, no menus, a couple sections each, plus a load of ads tacked onto each disc.

Now lets say I wanted to, err, "back them up" as one dual-layer DVD, no ads, and a menu (preferably to play one section and return to menu or to "play all" then return to menu.)

What's the best way to do that that doesn't involve actually paying for any programs? I don't mind opening up files in a text or hex editor and tweaking things if that helps... Oh, and I'd prefer to avoid converting to another format and back, for obvious reasons.

The main reasons are to avoid having to watch the same damn merchandise ads over and over, to have an actual menu to pick from, to avoid having to switch discs as much, and so I can put the originals away somewhere and save space on my DVD shelf. :D
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Just out of curiosity, how the hell does this translate to this?!? (At least one of the two isn't too bad, but this version does both much better...)

Then again, these are probably the same morons that decided Champ Bear is blue all of a sudden, among other less blatant changes. (Oh, and for the record, the old Share Bear logo with the ice-cream soda is better than the newer one with candy.)
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