January 19th, 2006

Arc 'n Spark

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Oh goody. From the looks of it, for one of the latest things I'm messing with, I get to make my own coil forms - because they're just not available! As it is, I was making all sorts of part substitutions. Now I get to make my own parts, too!

So far the materials suggestions I've seen are heavy paper soaked in 50:50 water and varnish then painted with a couple layers straight varnish, and I think someone suggested cloth soaked with some sort of plastic-resin wood glue... ack...

Maybe I'm in a little over my head here... I can still try though. :)

And if I'm extra lucky, I may even find some of the No.28 double-cotton-covered wire that the instructions for making coil #4 call for...
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