November 18th, 2005

Disco Ball

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I /so/ want some of those. Maybe set up a few bubble machines in parallel with these things.

I wonder, if you mix it with those fancy bubbles that are harder to pop, do you get colored bubbles that don't pop? That would /so/ rock.

They apparently also have them in black and pink. I wonder if chrome would be doable?? Imagine, colored bubbles floating around, my color-changing LED bulbs going, and chrome bubbles reflecting all of this. Totally cool.
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Panda Inside

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I think I may do some traveling tomorrow.

Said traveling would most likely involve waking up early, driving up IN 49 to Dune Station, and hopefully catching the first westbound train of the morning (5:41 AM, next one isn't until 7:41 AM), and riding to the end of the line (e.t.a. 7:00 AM, or 9:00 AM for the second train.) Maybe sleep a bit opn the train.

Then there's walking. Not sure if it's a couple blocks or many blocks, the map I found wasn't very clear on that.

Then eventually going back. Last train eastbound (no westbound possible there of course) leaves the station at 0:45 AM with an e.t.a. at Dune Station of 2:02 AM.

At which I drive home, go to bed, and probably crash hard. (Usually that's not that late to me, but between getting up early and actually being active... well..)

Anybody see any flaws in my plan??


Well, I found a flaw in my plan. Basically, something my map showed as being a couple blocks from the Randolph Street station is like 30 miles from it. So I'll just drive the whole way instead. :)
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