September 24th, 2005

Arc 'n Spark

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Well, dragged the drive out of the freezer, hooked it up, stuck it on a frozen bag of blue-ice gel, and went to town. First it took /numerous/ trys to boot it up enough. Then it turns out the MaxBlast4 disc /doesn't/ copy partitions, and without a formatted drive in the machine...

...grabbed a cat-5 laying around, jacked into the router, put a pair of shared folders on my brother's computer. One for each partition.

Well, I was sorta lucky. Exported my Firefox bookmarks (I don't even /have/ any IE bookmarks other than the defaults) to a pre-existing share on hius computer, grabbed "My Documents" to the share for C:\ (Cstuff), and dumped /everything/ off F:\ to the share for F:\ (Fstuff).

Lots of pictures, some music, some roms, some notes, etc. in [My Documents], and mostly installers for stuff I have on F:\. So the most important stuff at least. :)

Then windows /completely/ locked, mouse ctrl-alt-del and all, to the point where I had to hard-reboot, and it froze up trying to load Windows (like before).

Going to try re-dessiccating and re-freezing, and see if I can get the rest of C:\ next time so I don't need to install everything like when I first got the computer...

I suspect the proper term here is "miracle", but I don't have the proper icon for that. (Something like this by prguitarman might work I guess...) So I'm using the closest I have. Sort of a high-voltage mad-science electrical overkill thing I guess.
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