August 27th, 2005

Arc 'n Spark

Holy f***ing s**t!

Holy c**p! I just got all sorts of cool stuff for free/cheap!

- Proxima Ovation+ 920 (with power connector)
- Extron Emotia Plus
- A PLASTIC GROCERY BAG almost FULL of ram sticks!!
- A barometer/thermometer/humidity-meter
- some other stuff

- 10x 10/100 NICs ($1 each)
- 10 long network cables ($1 each)
- A huge roll of some sort of shielded network cable (NOT coax!)
- a Cisco Systems Catalyst 1900
- WindowsME, in box. ($1)

Sweet haul, huh? :P

Oh, and I got a trackball mouse that had the ball replaced with an 8-ball for $2. :P
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